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Free Animations  Medical Garden

The global requirement of ayurvedic medicines are increasing day by day. To support the global requirement we are growing medicinal plants organically. Hence we want to develop various herbal products for sound health of the people. We need your kind contribution for cultivating medicinal plants/herbs.

Free Animations  Old age Home

At present we had an Old age homes 'ASTHA' but it is not fully facilitated. Hence we want to provide services such as special medical facilities, mobile health care systems, ambulances, nurses and provision of well-balanced meals, yoga classes, telephones and other forms of communication so that they may keep in touch with their loved ones.

Free Animations  Natural Cure Center


We intend to establish a Center, where we can cure the deceases of the patients naturally by natural medicines & therapies

With the help of medicinal herbs we want to prevent and treat diseases and ailments. Also we want to promote health and healing by a drug or preparation made from a plant or plants and use for any of such purposes.

Free Animations  Handicapped Education & Employment

We request you to come forward for helping our handicapped children by providing monetary help for educating them. We have programme & planning for their Education & Employment but due to lack of monetary support we are helpless.

Free Animations  Tree Plantation


If tree plantation is established on abandoned agricultural land, or highly degraded land, it can result in an increase in both habitat and biodiversity. A planted forest can be profitably established on lands will not only support agriculture but also increase natural regeneration.

Free Animations  Yoga & Health Centre

We want to establish a unique platform where we can interact with people so that we can share the quest for a healthy way of life by Yoga & Exercise. For this reason we are developing a Yoga & Health Centre. We will keep latest exercising instruments in our centre.


Free Animations  Animal Husbandry


We want to keep different types of domestic animals in our farm, through which we can earn for our Trust by selling its milk & milk product. At present we have many Cattle. But we want to increase its number in our Farm.

Free Animations  Vanaprastha Ashram

After certain age of a human being, when he feels that "I HAVE LIVED THE WHOLE LIFE & NOW THERE IS NOTHING I WANT FROM THE LIFE" When a person is satisfied by his life and his all duties & responsibilities are over, at this stage he goes to Vanaprastha.  With this concept we will make a  the Home for these people as Vanaprastha Ashrama. We will provide a spiritual haven for them , away from the strife and toil of daily life. The first phase of the project is to build an Ashram with self-contained spacious rooms having modern amenities. The inmates will be provided with Satvic food, medical facilities, library and recreation programs etc. The daily routine would include meditation, bhajans, Vedanta classes, Yoga and Seva works. There will also be visits arranged to nearby temples, woods and worth seeing places.

Free Animations  Chek Dam, Rain Water Collection


At present we have big farm pond to reserve rainy water. This reservoir can accumulate  40 lack Liters of rainy water, it is 15 Feets Dips. But we want to built a Chek Dam so that we can reserve more quantity of water.

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Free Animations  Gober Gas & Solar Power System

At present we have solar system & Gober Gas Plant. But we are in need of fund to develop the project more advanced to enable us to make full use of Nature & it is ecofriendly too.


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Free Animations  Conference Room

We want a room layouts which can meet all our conference room, training room and video conferencing needs, so you we can hold effective meetings whenever needed to do for our Trust.

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Free Animations  Natural farming


In India, natural farming is often referred to as "Rishi Kheti." The essence of this method is to reproduce natural conditions as closely as possible. There is no plowing, as the seed germinates quite happily on the surface if the right conditions are provided

Ducks are let into the grain plot, and specific insectivorous carp into the harvesting ground at certain times of the year to eat slugs and other pests. Like this there are many methods of Natural farming. With this kind of farming, which uses no machines, no prepared fertilizer and no chemicals, it is possible to attain a harvest equal to or greater than that of the average  farm.


Free Animations  Library

We want to develop a library for keeping collection of information, sources, resources, books, and services. We want it to be used by our elder citizens residing in our trust & also for the children of Mangalam.

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Free Animations  Honey Manufacturing


Only few big companies are supplying pure honey, otherwise its very rare to get pure honey. As we had a vast area with many types of flower plants & trees, we can manufacture honey. So we are planning to manufacture Honey.


Free Animations  Shivir

We want to build an advanced Yoga Sadhana Shivir which will give people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected.

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