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AN OVER VIEW : Mangalam is the dream of Shri Devchandrabhai Yogi & few of his visionary Friends. The foundation stone of MANGALAM has been laid on March 23, 2003. It has been carved and created in fifteen Acres of Land.

This piece of land was uncultivated, unfertile wild vast land. It was deserted, decrepit, desolate and dry. There were all around thorny bushes, barrenness and barbed stumps of wild vegetation. The land was useless and good for nothing.

METAMORPHOSIS WITH MIDAS TOUCH : Dr. Dev Yogi gave Midas touch to this land. Dr. Yogi is a visionary. He is the best botanist an expert horticulturist. He gave his Midas touch to long time hungry, thirsty, neglected waste land and soon he metamorphosed it into beautiful, picturesque Eden Garden. Now this land is no more nude-poverty stricken. Now it bears, on her breast, blooming, blossoming, zooming four thousand trees which contain medicinal trees, Tissue culture teak trees, Lemon plants and Bamboo groves. Now the autumn dreams here and the spring sings lullaby. The winter whispers here and the summer murmurs with the groves. Now the birds nestle here and the beasts hover around.

The four concept  for what we are working is NATURE, LOVE, COMPASSION & SERVICE

MISSION & VISION: To work for the welfare of the Needy, Disables, Mentally Retarded Children, depressed Elders and to help the physically challenged people in becoming self reliable.

Dr. Devchandbhai V. Yogi

(PhD. in Botany)

Name & Address of our TRUSTEES


Mangal Jeevan Trust,

At & Po Sedrana,
Ta. Siddhapur, Dist. Patan


Mobile:-093758 44368



15, Ramnivas,
New Suryanarayan Society,


45, Arbudanagar,
Sukhbag Road,
Dhundhiyavadi Palanpur (B.K.)


A-27,C.P.Nagar Part-2,

Nr. Bhayungdev Cross Road,

Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad

Phone:-079 7484815

Mangal Jeevan Trust
At & Po Sedrana,
Ta. Siddhapur,
Dist. Patan

MANGALAM ASSETS AND ACTIVITIES: Mangalam has acquired fifteen Acres of Land. There is a big building which is used as office, residence and guesthouse. There is children's Park. There is reservoir for rainy water, accumulating forty lacks liters of rainy water. It has solar electrical system which produces solar power to enlighten the whole premises and empower electrical gadgets used in Mangalam. It runs ASTHA-A house for senior citizen. It also runs KALARAV-An orphanage for the abandoned and helpless children. A House for the senior citizen and an orphanage located in the same premises plays meaningfully double role. The children rearing here get parent ship from the senior citizens, whereas senior citizens get family affection and warmth from the children residing here. Mangalam undertakes live-agriculture. wormy-culture and animal rearing. Besides, Mangalam develops orchards and herbal medicinal crops. Mangalam grows 400 tissue culture teak-trees, 4000 plants and useful creepers. Last but not least Mangalam, by all means, tries to be self sufficient and self reliant so that it don't  have to plea in front of others for its requirements 

A message of Mangalam can well be derived from the following lines :

Under the green wood tree,

Who loves to live with me?

And tunes his merry note

Unto the sweet bird's throat

Come hither, come hither, come hither !

Here shall he see, no enemy,

But winter and rough weather.

-William Shakespear.


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