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We here at Mangalam tried our level best to to work for the mankind. Our Mission is to be self-dependent. Hard work-Love-Compassion is our revelation. Nature had almost all the solution for human diseases, Natural Medicines Keeps human being healthy. And we have taken the responsibility to produce Plants/Herbs for ayurvedic medicine.


We train, give shelter, educate, make self reliable & provide support to disable children to face the hardship of Life.


In a very short Span of time we have got the following achievements:



At the southern end of Mangalam there is a grove of about 100 Neem Trees. This corner is known as NEEMDHARA. Here there is kitchen for Mangalam. Here there are some benches which serve as dinning furniture. On all functions meals are served here. It is really romantic pleasure to have feast under the green wood.


More then 4000 trees, shrubs & creepers are grown. Among it many are Herbal Medicine Plants & Fruits trees. Beside this we have many other types of big trees which are very useful for Human being. More than 400 Tissue Color Sagh wood tress are planted  at  Saghvan. More than 150 Lemon Plants are planted.


Mangalam grows many ayurvedic herbs. Hence many herbal medicines are produced here. The patients, ailing from arthritis, asthama, stone, worm ,fever, sciatica etc. are medically examined and provided with medicine. The patients are given guidance to go under ayurvedic treatment and follow up. Mangalam renders Medicare to the needy people.


Main feature of Mangalam is Kalrav. This is a house for children, those are destitute, helpless, shelter less, abandoned. Mangalam keep such children, rears, cares and educates them and ultimately rehabilitates them as proud, respected citizens. One of the unique projects of Mangalam is KALRAV.


On 29/12/2008 Aastha was inaugurate by Param Pujya Swami Sachidanandji Maharaj. Equally other important feature of Mangalam is Aastha (Old Age Home). This is a house for senior citizens. Mangalam with most tender human feeling decided to look after those senior citizens who have no one to take their care to give them shelter and provide humanly feelings. Mangalam keeps abandoned children and helpless senior citizen to gather so that they can be complementary. From the senior citizens get their homely feelings. Mangalam's one of the pioneering projects is ASTHA.


The vegetation is a soul of any vicinity. Dr. Yogi is a botanist and expert horticulturist. So he planted huge numbers of plants out of which 4000 have been grown into proud upright trees. This makes the wasteland prosperous and rich green land. This thick mini-forest includes orchards of mango, guava, sapodilla, hog-plum, orange, lemon and papaya, medicinal trees, shrubs, plants and creepers. There are different types of bamboo groves and precious trees like teakwood, mahogany and sandal wood.


In Mangalam there is children's park. Not only the children inhabiting in Mangalam but also the children from the schools of surrounding area come here to play and enjoy


There is a big farm pond to reserve rainy water. This reservoir can accumulate  40 lack Liters of rainy water, it is 15 Feets Dips. The soil excavated out of the pond is used to build the road around the campus of Mangalam. This road is worth place to observe the birds and surrounding landscape. This reservoir is known as Nalina-Suman Varsha Jal Sangrha.


There is a Gau-shala. Cow Stable in Mangalam. The cows from Gir are reared here. There are four buffaloes too. The produced milk is used in Mangalam. Surplus milk is sold out. The income occurred from the sold-milk is utilized for cattle food and maintenance of Gua-Shala. The shade for Gau-Shala is nicely built in the latest trend and design.


Plantation of more than 400 Amla Trees or Amalaki which is a pure herb extract. Amalaki is a Herbal Ayurvedic remedy for skin conditions, eye problems, respiration and is an anti-oxidant.


There is a Gobar Gas Plant in Mangalam. Here there is six cubic meter plant which provides Gobar Gas  to the meter plant which provides Gobar gas to the Kitchen of Mangalam.


In Mangalam there is solar system to produce power. The street light within campus and all electric gadgets used in Mangalam runs on solar power. Mangalam runs on solar power. Mangalam is self sufficient in electric power.

Lighting System are powered by solar energy using solar cells that convert solar energy (sunlight) directly to electricity. The street light of our campus is fully automatic & running by solar Energy. Our other electricity requirement such as Fan, Room Light etc of the Campus is running by Solar Energy


Because of this thick vegetation many types of birds come and nestle here. In the early morning and late evening surrounding of Mangalam is filled with melodious symphony of chirping and twittering of the birds. Different types of reptiles are permanent inhabitant of Mangalam. The wild beasts always visit the place for drinking water. Thus the premises of Mangalam seems to be mini-sanctuary.


Artificial rearing or cultivation of worms (Earthworms) and the technology is the scientific process of using them out of the dung of cows and buffaloes and other garbage wormy culture organic fertilizer is produced. Mangalam also provides guidance in horticulture and organic agriculture.


We offer a massive selection of plants and gardening items at a very competitive prices. We have over 500 varieties of plants for you to choose from. Every year 10,000 plants are grown in the tin boxes. The plants are distributed free of charge. Thus Mangalam is very consciously active for `grow more tree` campaign


Mangalam has its own bore well which provides plenty of good, soft drinking water. Mangalam believes in world environment slogan: "SAVE WATER", therefore drip irrigation system has been adopted. Besides to get rid of obnoxious weeds, there is no better alternate of drip irrigation.


Mangalam has developed hog-plum orchard in vast four bigha of land. Mangalam every year reaps bumper, jam, murabba, mukhvas, sweets, hair-oil, powder are produced out of hog-plum-and marketed. Thus Mangalam runs mini home industry of hog-plum production.


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